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03 Jan 2023

Cyber Security Tabletop Exercise

In this blog, we cover the different cyber tabletop exercise examples that you can start running within your organization to protect yourself from the cyber threats and threat actors that are looming large. 
Before we begin, however, let’s take a quick look at what Cyber Attack Tabletop Exercises really are, what are the exercise objectives and why they are so critical.

What is a Cyber Security Tabletop Exercise?
During Cyber Attack Tabletop Exercises, an organization typically hires an experienced external cybersecurity consultant who has years of expertise in handling, managing and mitigating the impact of cyber crises and data breaches. 
This facilitator works with the relevant teams and stakeholders in your organization to create a cyber attack scenario which is most pertinent to your business and operational model. The scenario will typically focus on an attack on your crown jewels in order to elicit a genuine concern amongst the participants in the cyber attack tabletop exercise.
The facilitator will create an environment of panic. But the idea is not to scare anyone - it’s simply to force everyone to think how they would act and react when such a complex cybersecurity incident does occur.


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